19K Studio
Fine Art Workshops

Our photographic workshops are open to beginner and professional alike, however a basic understanding of your camera in manual mode is essential. Private Instruction is available if we are notified before hand. Your camera should accept an external flash PC cord or have a hot shoe. Rental digital SLR cameras can be arranged with ample notice.

You should bring your camera and lenses, memory cards, flash meter if you have one, tripod if you wish (suggested if you plan on shooting with existing light), pencil and paper for notes. You should arrive EARLY so you can meet with the other photographers in your session and discuss a shooting plan. If you arrive late for your session you are to adhere to the decisions made by the other participants of your session. 19K Studio will not prorate or refund your money for tardiness. Refer to the fine print.

Each session is limited to four (4) participants. Unless noted in the workshop description, most sessions will have no formal instructor. Learning comes from watching and sharing information with your fellow photographers. We follow Stan Goldstein's format here and ask session photographers to rotate lead photographer responsibilities. The lead photographer will set the lights and direct the model.

When shooting with our strobe setup during open shooting, two photographers may shoot alternately using the flash system. A Lead photographer and a Second. This option should be decided at the pre-session meeting. The second yields to the lead and shoots second. Each photographer can assume the lead role and direct the model and set lights if he/she wishes. If a photographer wishes he may pass on the lead position. This again should be discussed prior the start of the session. The participants of each session should decide what will work best for them before the session starts, but generally, transferring the lead position is done every 15 minutes during the two hour session. In either case, the shooter will be timed by the workshop coordinator or staff member. If the order of transfer cannot be determined in the pre-session meeting, a random drawing will be used. The Second is always the next in line of those wishing to act as lead photographer.

If the group opts out of the system above and decides to limit shooting to one on one, the photographers should pass the radio trigger to the next in line every 10 - 15 shots. Generally in this set up no available light images may be captured by the photographers waiting their turn.

When working with two or more sets in the same area, radio triggers will be set on different channels. If you are not triggering the flashes, you may have the wrong trigger.

If a photographer wishes, he may ask the workshop coordinators or staff to direct the models and or set lights. Elaborate sets or props are not permitted and light changes should happen within minutes. Each photographer should assist with light changes and meter readings. It is our intent that each photographer gets his share of shooting during the session. Any photographer found to be abusing the lead position or hogging the radio trigger may be asked to leave with out refund and further can be banned from participating in future 19K Studio Workshops. Common courtesy goes a long way.

Our current strobe lighting equipment consists of five White-Lightning mono strobes, a ring light and an additional head. And of course stands and booms. We have a large assortment of light modifiers and a good selection of seamless and muslin backgrounds. A typical Pro Photographic session will be shot on a plain background using 2 – 3 strobes. We will not change the basic setup during a session. While we have a ring light, it's not generally available except for special or private sessions solely at the discretion of 19K Studio.

Guests are not allowed. Anyone who has not paid is not welcome. Sorry for the bluntness. This does not extend to the models chaperone who is prohibited from shooting. The workshop is not a party. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on the premises. Loud and boisterous activities will not be permitted. Background music is at the option of the model, not the session participants and will be kept at a level where posing directions can be heard and easily understood.

The models we work with will each have their own limits and style of modeling. Do not ask the model to work beyond the limits stated in the workshop description. Just because a model may have more explicit work displayed on the net or elsewhere, the stated workshop limits must be adhered to. For our Pro Workshops we only work with seasoned, experienced models. We do work with less experienced or new models in our non- Pro workshops. We make every effort to work only with models who have established reputations for reliability. Should a model no-show for any reason, the model will not be paid and the participants will receive a full refund or re-scheduled at their request.

Touching any model is grounds to be removed from the workshop without refund. Photographers are to remain at arms length from the model at all times. Don't flirt with the models, this is not a dating game. These are Workshop rules though the model may have rules which are more or less restrictive. If it should differ, the model's rules and limits prevail.

Model Releases Images taken at our workshops may be used for your print portfolio only. A release is required to publish any image. Publishing includes the Internet, or on publicly seen paper in any form. Releases are not only that but a thank you for a job well done. A standard model release which excludes use on adult pay sites or use in advertising any adult product will be available directly from each model. Cost is set in advance and is generally between $20.00 and $50.00 dollars. Exact amount is available with the Workshop Fee information.

Makeup Artists may or may not be employeed during a workshop. While they represent no additional cost to you, a gesture of appreciation in the form of a tip is appropiate.

By attending any of 19K Studio's workshops, your are agreeing that you will accept all responsibilty for your actions and hold harmless SKinsey Farmily Limited Partnership dba 19K Studio and it's heirs or assigns from any and all injury caused by either you, any other person in attendance or 19K Studio equipment failure or further, the failure of other paraphernalia used to meet the requirements of the Workshop.