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19K Studio is now offering periodic fine art Pro Workshops which are scheduled on a monthly basis or realistically when ever I get the urge to put one together. For our Pro Photographic workshops we bring in experienced professional models so your experience will be superior. We will, on occasion, intersperse our Pro Photographic Workshops with smaller one day workshops which will utilize new and/or semi-professional models. No matter which you choose to participate in you'll walk away with perhaps a different technique or perspective on studio lighting and images you'll be proud of.

Don't miss our upcoming workshops. Check the schedules tab above OR visit our new offering -- Engel-Traci Workshop/Shoot directly by clicking the link.

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In addition to our Photographic workshops we offer Special instructional workshops taught by professionals in their field. Those workshops include; Photoshop instruction, print Hand Coloring, Tinting and Alternative processes just to mention a few.

Our Workshops will generally be held either at our secluded country studio or in some cases other venues suitable for the individual workshop. For a list of near by lodging, please see the Area/Map tab above. Google or MapQuest our address for our approximate location. Our studio is 1 mile off the highway. Check your odometer, if you've not gone a mile you're not here.

Special workshop instructors, sessions, and scheduling will vary with the subject matter being presented. Please check the individual workshop description for more detailed information.

Photographic workshops will most often be held on Saturdays and Sundays with occasional Friday evening sessions. As a general rule participants must be at least 18 years of age, as the workshops will often include nude models and/or erotic subject matter. Check with the individual workshop description for information as to content and age requirements.

Photographic sessions are generally two (2) hours in length, beginning at either 9:00 AM or 10:00 AM. No more than four (4) participants will be allowed per session. Check the individual workshop description for specifics. A minimum of two (2) participants per session is required. However, a participant may elect to purchase an entire session and work one on one with the model. Not all sessions are available for one on one purchase.

Payment ,
a 50% deposit is required to hold your place in each workshop. Early Bird Balances are due no later than 15 days in advance of the workshop. We use PayPal (steve@skinsey.com) or accept personal checks received at least 10 days in advance of the workshop or cashiers/bank drafts up to three days before the workshop or Cash at the door. Checks, drafts, etc should be made payable to Steve Kinsey and sent to: 19K Studio, 298 Squirrel Run, Paige, TX 78659

Follow the tabs above for additional information about the workshops.

The Fine Print ... At the discretion of 19K Studio, sessions or entire workshops may be canceled or postponed for any reason 19K Studio or it's owners or staff deem appropriate. Should 19K cancel a session or a workshop, we will re-schedule the participant for another session or refund the participant in full should another session be unavailable. Should the participant cancel, it must be done in writing and acknowledged by 19K Studio 10 days prior to his or her scheduled session for full refund. With less than ten (10) days notice, no refund will be given. However, 19K may reschedule the participant to a future workshop or session. This is based entirely on the attitude of the participant. Workshops require a minimum of ten (10) participants and individual sessions require a minimum of two (2) participants. (See the workshop description for specifics.) The workshop or session can be cancelled if it fails to meet these requirements.